Watches with warranty

The watches presented on are all maintenanced and tested by our watchmakers. Therefore we are able to provide a certian month of warranty period on all our watches. Since we're selling used products we always try to keep the original look of the watch with a little bit of refurbishment in case it's needed. 

It's possible that a few decades old watch starts to malfunctioning at the customer. In this situation we recommend to contact us as soon as possible. 

The warranty covers all functioning problems that leads to us. The warranty does not cover the followings: exterior damages, scratches, broken glass (plexi), broken parts, lost watches, strap scratches and damages. It's important that these used watches are not waterproof. We recommend you to take it of while showering, washing your hands and while it's raining. 

It's good to know that every used product needs a check up time by time. It's neccessary to process in 3-6 years for vintage watches. Please contact us for more information or visit our service page for more information.