Watch service

Most of the people who are wearing used watches are doing it, beause it has a history. 

History can be seen on the condition of the watch. A light scratch, a broken plexiglass, a faded dial is the sign of ageing. We at are always trying to keep the original condition of the watch, but sometimes it"s just impossible due to the heavy damages. Luckily we have solution for those who would like to refurbish  their favourites. PLease ontat us for more details.

Movement maintenance:

  • Three hand vintage wathes: 40 - 80 euro
  • Chronograph wathes: 150 - 350 euro

Battery replaement: 

  • With pressure test: 30 euro
  • Without pressure test: 10 euro
Case refurbishment:
  • On gold plated wathes: 40 - 70 euro
  • On chrome plated wathes: 40 - 70 euro
  • Steel wathes: 70 - 200 euro
  • Steel bracelet: 50 - 150 euro
Glass replaement:
  • Crystal: 20 - 40 euro
  • Plexiglass: 8 euro
  • Sapphire glass: Depends on the brand, model and size. Call us for prices.